Tulsa, Oklahoma Real Estate Reaches New Highs

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Tulsa Oklahoma real estate is one of the best kept secrets on the planet. Rising above the crowd with regards to good real estate investments, Tulsa continues to prove itself as one of the premier locations to own an affordable home and live a very high quality of life. What can this emerging market do for you?

Emerging markets provide many advantages for homebuyers:

1. The real estate in emerging markets is usually inexpensive compared to other markets.

2. The potential for growth is huge. Therefore, the potential for revenue is also large.

3. Emerging markets are often wonderful places to live since they offer economic opportunity coupled with a peaceful living environment.

Tulsa is an emerging market that is clearly growing into an established market.

Economic Growth of Oklahoma

Tulsa is adding jobs to its already robust economy. In 2010, Tulsa expects to repeat its great performance last year, in which it enjoyed 1.6% job growth. This added a total of 6,300 jobs to the Tulsa Greater Metropolitan Area!

Tulsa also recently approved a plan called Vision 2025. Vision 2025 is a funding package that aims to improve and strengthen the Tulsa region. The ground plans of Vision 2025 were designed to add tens of thousands of jobs, foster the growth of small business, fuel new educational programs, and attract investment.

Economic growth will continue to attract investors in the lucrative real estate market. You just can beat the current interest rates and home prices in Tulsa. A careful analysis of the Tulsa economic landscape reveals that this is one of the best times to buy a home in Tulsa.

Quality of Life in Tulsa

While prestigious publications such as Money Magazine and Forbes have consistently rated Tulsa as one of the best places to live and work, let’s take a closer look at some of what Tulsa has to offer:

1. An Urban/Rural Combination – Tulsa is a diverse, busy cityscape set amongst the beautiful, rolling hills of Green Country. Beautiful forests line the banks of the Arkansas River, which flows through Tulsa. Also, most people find Tulsa’s climate to be very pleasant.

2. Low Cost of Living – You will be hard pressed to find a more inexpensive large city in the entire country. Real estate, amenities, transportation, and other expenses are competitive. It costs very little to live in Tulsa!

3. Action-Packed Sports – The Tulsa Oilers ice hockey team and the Tulsa Talons arena football team use the massive new BOK Center as their home. The powerful NCAA Division I Tulsa Golden Hurricanes and the minor league baseball Tulsa Drillers are strong teams that are always in contention for bowl games or championships.

4. Arts and Culture – The Philbrook Museum holds one of the most treasured collections of Baroque art in the entire United States. The Tulsa Ballet’s annual Nutcracker production is a legendary mainstay in the Tulsa cultural scene. Other cultural gems in Tulsa include the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, the Expo Square Pavilion, and many, MANY more.

5. Convenience – Tulsa is an easy city to navigate, and has very little traffic. The interstates are known for being largely free of congestion. In addition, the Tulsa Transit bus station serves the entire metropolitan area.


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